As an art collector and investor, I've always been drawn to the stories behind the art. For years, I've visited museums and exhibitions across the globe, purchased art on primary and secondary markets, and built an extensive personal library of art books.

Over time, I've also developed a deep interest in the various roles that bring the art world to life. From curators to conservationists, dealers to logistics experts, I've come to realize that the business of art is as fascinating as the art itself.

This newsletter reflects my ongoing exploration of the art world. Here, I share the creative journeys of visionary artists, analyze market trends, and explore the diverse roles that shape the art industry.

As someone who spent 20 years working in corporate finance, I've experienced my fair share of professional twists and turns. But through it all, art has always been the constant in my life. Investing in art has brought me immense joy and satisfaction.

I firmly believe that more business professionals can find this same sense of fulfillment in the art world, provided they have access to the right education and insights.

That's precisely my goal for this newsletter –  to provide the knowledge and inspiration you need to discover the joy that comes with engaging in the art world, regardless of your professional background.

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Managing Director at Career Insights Agency | Creator of the Artobiography newsletter